"Picture This! Imagine That!" Audio CD

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This CD is dedicated to all the children who bless our lives, and all of those who will!

Brand New Release!  Picture This!  Imagine That! 
A New CD of all original songs composed and performed by Kim Breden with orchestrations played by Joe Mennonna.  Enjoy real instruments in a variety of musical styles, such as dixieland, latin, classical,  and jazz in fun and witty tunes like "What Do you Bring to the Pot?",  "Ewwww YUCK!",  "Alphabet Picnic", "When You Read Books", "The Lady Bug Song" and a spooky favorite "Vegescarian"! 

Singer-songwriter, Kim Breden, is the creative muse behind Be Mused Productions, specializing in creative, educational entertainment.  After working on a double Masters in Vocal Performance and Music Therapy, Kim performed on stage in Europe, South Africa, Korea, and all over the United States.  Her extensive training in Music Education enhances her work as a performing teaching artist with seniors and children of all ages.
Joe Mennonna's musical career spans liturgical and educational venues, as well as studio and live performance.  Currently an adjunct professor of Music at Fairfield University, Joe has toured with fold legends Tom Rush, Don McLean, and Janis Ian.  He has scored numerous feature films and documentaries and appears as a soloist on recordings with Vanessa Williams, Melba Moore, Gilian and Glover of Deep Purple, Tom Rush, and Richie Havens.

Song List:

  1. What Do You Bring to the Pot? SAMPLE
  2. Over and Under (In Your Backyard) SAMPLE
  3. Ewwww! YUCK! SAMPLE
  4. The Ladybug Song SAMPLE
  5. Family Time SAMPLE
  6. Clean Up! SAMPLE
  7. Over and Under (On The Farm) SAMPLE
  8. When You Read Books SAMPLE
  9. Alphabet Picnic SAMPLE
  10. Swimmy SAMPLE
  11. Vegescarian™ SAMPLE
  12. We Give Thanks SAMPLE
  13. Over and Under (In The Jungle) SAMPLE
  14. Lullaby SAMPLE
  15. When the ToodleBug™ Goes To Town SAMPLE
  16. Picture This! Imagine That! SAMPLE
  17. Over and Under (Bonus Instrumental)
  18. Clean Up! (Bonus Instrumental)

Produced by Kim Breden and Joe Mennonna.  All original melodies and lyrics by Kim Breden.  All arrangements by Joe Mennonna.

©2005 Be Mused Productions - All Rights Reserved.